Atlantic Wall The Hague

The Atlantic Wall was a 5,000-kilometre-long line of defence along the European west coast. Numerous areas in The Hague were evacuated to make way for the construction of the Atlantic Wall. Entire streets, as well as hospitals, bridges and parks were demolished. Bunkers, artillery, anti-tank walls and other barricades transformed the city into a heavily fortified military stronghold.

Discover how the Atlantic Wall permanently changed the Hague on foot or by bicycle.


Map layers

Area of the Scheveningen en Clingendael strongholds

Sea front

Land front

Forbidden area

Anti-tank ditch

Anti-tank wall


Port barrier

Entry to the stronghold

Damaged area

Demolition area

Seriously damaged area

Lost structures

Lost structures




Central Station

Bicycle tour

Bicycle tour



Direction of bicycle tour

Bicycle junction

POI with information panel

Bicycle tour POI

Walking tour

Walking tour

Walking tour POI

POI with information panel

POI on both routes

Opt for a walking tour (8.5 km / 3 hours) or a bicycle tour (41.4 km / 4 hours). Both routes take you along the edges of the former stronghold. The points of interest on the map are clickable. Use the top right button on the digital map to expand the route map with a summary of the demolition zones, a map of the military bastion and the structures that were lost due to the Atlantic Wall.

Click below for the route descriptions:

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